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Empowering SHIFTS is a transformational coaching process that teaches you to how to gently heal old wounds, cope with life on life's terms and find freedom from self-defeating thoughts and patterns. The result is less pain, more peace, and greater self-acceptance. Move forward to a brighter future and a more fulfilling life. 

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Lisa Rogers, EFTCert-I
Trauma Recovery Expert
Transformational Speaker

Using trauma-informed, proven strategies, science meets spirituality in a framework grounded in neuroscience and supported by the kind of empathy and compassion that come from lived experience.

Lived-Experience Mentorship

Seriously Effective Self-Help Tools

In 7th grade, I took a chance and shared some big family secrets with a school counselor. It didn’t end well. When the system failed to protect me, I left home. I had no clue what horrors awaited a 12-year-old girl, homeless and alone. For many years I was trapped in a predatory world of trauma and addiction. By age 21, I was married with two kids and a mortgage, thinking I could hide my past and my pain behind a facade of normalcy.  It may have looked like the American Dream from the outside, but inside I was tormented with self-loathing and undiagnosed PTSD.  I cycled through years of dysfunctional relationships ruled by anxiety, depression, and addiction. 

In 2001 I found a path of trauma and addiction recovery that would change everything. As I healed, I found I had a gift for holding the space for others to safely share their deepest pain and help them achieve real relief using the same powerful process that worked for me, the Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, or "Tapping".  As a Certified EFT Practitioner and the founder of The Center For Emotional Freedom, I have taught thousands of people how to move beyond survival.


I developed the Empowering SHIFTS program over 20 years working with Vietnam Vets, adult child abuse survivors, and women with breast cancer.  The process is a practical guide to creating rapid, powerful, and lasting changes that clear a path to a truly fulfilling and satisfying life.

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